The procedure


We identify charity projects that correspond to the goals sought by the donors, based notably on the advice of a network of competencies.

We have drawn up directives defining the framework of projects that could be of interest to us, as well as collaborations with the beneficiaries.

The value of our mission is underpinned by the quality of the selected projects, which is defined according to:

  • the donor’s objectives,
  • the beneficiary’s needs and profile,
  • our own evaluation system.

We have therefore drawn up for beneficiaries a protocol grouping these parameters, which allows us to seek an optimal correspondence between the donor’s objectives and the nature of the projects that are proposed to him, and to obtain commitments as to rigorous and transparent management.

Our evaluation system aims to refine our analysis and is based on:

  • criterias drawn from our own experience,
  • recommendations of specialists,
  • advice of a network of experts that we have put in place.

We mainly identify specific projects that the beneficiary must be able to monitor and whose execution is limited in time or continues by the financial support of several donors.

The retained projects may be the subject of an agreement specifying the conditions of execution and commitments of the donor.

We must be informed of any change affecting the implementation of supported projects and systematically conduct an examination of the activity reports and financial accountability reporting, thus allowing donations to be identified, to check on their good use and assess the impact.


We call your attention to the procedure that follows, which is to guide the beneficiary in the formulation of a request for support with the documents to be appended. It also shows the donor in what conditions we collaborate with beneficiaries, who must then report to us.

We state at the outset that we will only process complete files, containing all requested information.

Also, we ask you to be good enough to proceed as follows when submitting your request:

  • read the protocol,
  • fill in the form on the screen,
  • print out the form,
  • certify the reliability of the information supplied and accept the terms of the protocol by placing the authorised signature(s),
  • append the required documentation as listed at the end of the said form,
  • send the signed form and the required appendices scanned by e-mail.
  • send the original signed form separately by post.

If your request is accepted, you will be asked to send us the “Monitoring Report” form at the latest on 30 June of the next financial period. (Complete file by post and scanned pdf form).

We do not process any request for support by email,
but we willingly reply by this means to any question that you may have.