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This protocol concerns the submission of projects and the use of donations.

1. Charity fields and goals currently pursued

  • Research allowing the mechanisms of illnesses to be identified (notably degenerative, tumoural, infectious or mental illnesses).
  • The development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the treatment of these illnesses.
  • Aid for people suffering from health problems due to these illnesses, by taking responsibility for activities aimed at improving their living conditions. 
  • Mentoring and supporting activities of the elderly or handicapped.
  • Training and improvement programs for particularly motivated young people.
  • The encouragement of institutions offering unique opportunities in the field of music, with the vocation of creating, programming and becoming a chamber for high-quality concerts, as well as providing training and encouragement for  talented young people in their career path.
  • The encouragement, through very focused initiatives, of scientific observations and preservation programs in the environment field (in this case, please contact us before drafting your request).

2. Applicant for support
Any person with authority to represent a not-for-profit institution or an institution recognised as being of public utility may make a request for support in relation to the aforesaid goals.

3. Beneficiary
Any beneficiary must be a not-for-profit institution or an institution recognised as being of public utility.

4. Content of a request for support
The request for support contains up-to-date, concise information on the pertinence of the presented project, the conditions of its execution, the financial formalities in progress and any resources requested from third parties or which have already been obtained; detailed documents will be presented as proof. It is drafted in French (if necessary in English, German or Italian) in terms understandable for non-specialists and summarised using an appropriate form. The amount requested must be justified in the context of a precise budget and the contemplated allocation must be clearly detailed and defined over time.

The following are not taken into consideration:

  • expenses that can be subsidised in priority by public bodies,
  • any type of expense that cannot be justified and not directly related to implementing and executing the project,
  • offsetting of a negative operating result or a realized loss-making activity.

It is specified that any request for support must be made separately and must not be incorporated into the drafting of an activity report or an interim report on the situation.

The same applies for any requests for reallocation.

5. Period of submission and processing of a request for support
In principle, the requests are processed in the quarter following their presentation.
This processing may be delayed in the case of a demand for additional information.
Requests concerning the programming of events, notably musical, must be filed at least four months before the planned date.

6. Duties of a donation beneficiary

The beneficiary undertakes to use the donation according to the request for support and according to the conditions linked to its acceptance.

No contractual agreement, grant agreement or any similar document will be taken in consideration if this point hasn’t been mentioned clearly by the applicant when submitting the request, as the grants are usually being released with specific assignment conditions.

In addition, the beneficiary undertakes to:

  • provide an acknowledgement of receipt of the donation,
  • notify any modification concerning notably:
    • the organisation and articles of association of the institution that he represents,
    • those in charge of the project management,
    • the project’s goals or purpose,
    • the conditions and scheduling of execution, 
    • the budget of the presented project and the related allocation.
  • consult the donor prior to any reallocation of a donation, this decision to be taken in agreement with the latter,
  • systematically provide activity reports and financial reports, and present any other document in evidence allowing the proper development of the project to be verified, along with the field of application of the received donation,
  • these documents are to be provided at the latest 12 months after the donation is granted; an intermediary report may be requested at any time.

If information is lacking, incomplete or erroneous, or if unjustified discrepancies are noted in relation to the initially defined framework, the conditions that allowed the donation to be obtained shall be revoked by the donor, which could have the consequence of immediately halting the release of the donation(s) or a request for donation(s) already made to be partly or fully refunded.

The beneficiary undertakes to notify the donor of any balances that have not been spent, so that they can be refunded or reallocated, depending on the decision taken in agreement with the latter.

The beneficiary commits himself to spend this balance within 12 months after the supporting period. Otherwise, the remaining sum can be subject to reimbursement.

7. Entry into force and legal provisions
These directives enter into force on 30 October 2012. In the case of litigation, Swiss law is applicable, to the exclusion of the rules of private international law.

The parties agree to jointly find an amicable solution to any dispute. However any dispute arising concerning the interpretation, performance or non-performance of the aforesaid falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of the Canton of Geneva, with reservation of the right to appeal to the Swiss Federal Tribunal (Supreme Court).

Only complete files will be examined.

The following communication will only be made by email.