Our mission


We propose to guide donors in their approach to charity, notably by:

  • putting into application the goals that each donor wishes to pursue,
  • providing access to the charity fields linked to the goals,
  • selecting projects corresponding to the defined goals,
  • ensuring project management and expertise,
  • defining the conditions of use of the donations,
  • checking that the donations are allocated in compliance with the defined conditions of use,
  • obtaining and examining activity reports and reporting for financial accountability.

We also offer donors administrative support to facilitate the monitoring and transparency of their charity activities, notably by:

  • putting together and keeping complete files for each project, establishing evaluation and progress reports, developing the necessary frameworks for any decision-making, keeping reports and works statistics allowing a global analysis,
  • bringing together the skills necessary for internal and external verification work.


We help donors achieve their goals in determined charity fields, whilst respecting our ethics and pursuing, as the ultimate goal, improved quality of life and the fulfilment of the individual.

So far, the main fields for which we were commissioned are:

  • research allowing the identification of the mechanisms of certain illnesses and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies,
  • aid for people suffering from health problems due to, among others, these illnesses, by taking responsibility for activities designed to improve their living conditions, 
  • overseeing and supporting the activities of the elderly or handicapped,
  • training and improvement programs for particularly motivated young people,
  • training and developing the career of talented young people in the field of music,
  • the outreach of institutions renowned in the field of music.

We validate approximately 70 projects per year, which we monitor individually.

We also encourage the creation of:

  • partnerships between donors wishing to support common projects,
  • synergies between beneficiaries in the same field, so that they can create a network and develop common projects.